Monday, November 8, 2010

Writing Sweet and Young Adult Romance

Writing Sweet or Young Adult Romances
Decided to take the day of and get some writing done. Blogging, as I’ve come to learn is not an easy task. And I give props to those of you who faithfully do this every day.
I’m making incredible progress on my current Work In Progress (WIP) during NaNaWriMo’s second week. I’m up to 20,000 words. I’m beginning to understand my characters a little more but it feels strange to write about young people who haven’t really experienced life yet, when I normally dealing with adults with adult issues. That doesn’t mean that they will be less interesting…they just won’t be having much uncontrollable sex in unique and odd settings.
I keep repeating to myself romance not sex over and over in my head as I write to keep this budding young adult relationship between the two lead characters at a nice and steady pace. Of course they hate each other right now, but they are beginning to discover some redeeming qualities about the other, as well as noticing that their bodies are different. Young love is so beautiful. Too bad I don’t remember it (smile).
So what are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of writing sweet and young adult romance?
(1) Don’t Make Your Characters Stupid Just Because They’re Young – Eighteen to twenty year olds have heard of sex and know the correct terminology to use to describe what’s between their legs.
(2) Do Make Them Attractive – Not everyone gets zits and pimples or dress like they’re auditioning for the Adams Family. Nose piercing and tattoos are only cute occasionally but really hard to describe.
(3) Do Give Them Personality – There’s nothing more boring than characters that look away shyly or blush ever two or three pages.
(4) Don’t Give Them Big Time Corporate Executive Jobs – Unless their parents have died and they suddenly have to take over the reins, don’t try it. Most of the time they’re barely out of high school or college and the only position they’ve held is at a fast food restaurant.
(5) Do Dress Them Age Appropriately – Twenty year olds won’t be caught dead in suspenders or pantyhose. Baggy pants falling off the behind is optional. (Bare legs under a dress…gross) but I’m not a part of this generations who I guess it’s okay.
(6) Do Make them Literate – Ebonics is so yesterday, and regardless of what you might think they know a curse word or two.
(7) Do Choose Good Music and Current Technology – Youngsters have no clue what a 78 vinyl or a 45 record is, or an 8 track player, unless they’re my kids. Right now I’m playing the Bee Gees Greatest Hits, and later on, when I switch back into to 2010 they will be hearing JYY’s, The Beginning. Throw in a little Kanye West or Beyonce if you want them to relate.
(8) Do Practice Safe Sex – Even I don’t know how this story is going to end, but if they do end up in an adult situation, give them common sense and mention protection.
Imari Jade

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