Monday, November 29, 2010

We are having our end of the year holiday blow-out sale!
All Novels & Digests are now $3.99 thru Dec 22, 2010. Happy Holidays!
Midnight Showcase Fiction

Holiday Treats!
On Sale 3.99

Briskle’s Treasure, Mae Powers
On a quest to find a dragon relative a specific holiday present, Briskle receives a wonderfully unexpected gift himself, from a lovely and unusual elf.

Unwrapped Gifts, Imari Jade
Naomi Davenport hates Christmas, but when Saint Peter sends three angels down to earth to show her what her life could be like, would it be enough to convince her to live?

An Angel's Agony, Ellen Margret
Angels are sometimes assigned difficult tasks. Josiah was sent to terminate a Blackessencer. Falling in love with Kyna at Christmas made it so hard.

Blood Under the Mistletoe, Lisa M. Basso
When Southern belle Holly Devereux is kidnapped during Christmas, it’s up to Victor her vampire lover to help keep her alive, and be able to show her what’s truly in his heart.

Amy’s Gift, Nancy Pirri
How does efficient personal assistant, Amy Gallagher, gain the amorous attentions of her boss, James Kent? By playing tricks—until they backfire on her and she finds herself definitely under his radar!

Kiss Under the Mistletoe, Jaden Sinclair
Lord Blythe Garrison has trouble trusting any ladies; but when he meets beguiling Frenchwoman Adela Delacroix he is taken aback by her boldness and the heat is on.

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