Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Release - Distraction - Interracial/Multicultural Romance (Book 6 - Asian Pretty Boy Series)

New Release
Sugar and Spice Press
October 12, 2013
(Book 6 – Asian Pretty Boy Series)
Imari Jade

Music mogul Goro Niigata and manager Saburo Maeda take their new J-Pop group Distraction on the road to boost their popularity.  Goro’s famous group Aomori is on hiatus, preparing for their summer trip to Spain and Goro has just three months to make Distraction the hottest group in Asia. But if he thought things were going to be easy he is very much mistaken. Not only are Kioshi Yamashita, Hiroyuki Ikeda and Izanagi Kato more mature at twenty than the guys of Aomori were, but their smarter too. There’s no hotel room they can’t escape from and no lie they won’t tell to get the lover of their dreams.  And to make matters worse, Goro’s wife Akari is threatening to leave him from a younger guy because he broke his promise to retire.
While cotton-top Kioshi is sex-texting his twenty-six year old girlfriend Cristal Gentry and Izanagi is going after anything in the skirt, Goro reminisces about the beginning of his career when he first met, ten year old Takumijo Yamazaki and Yori Morioka, nine and a half year old Satoshi Hayashi, and nine year old Ichiro Yoshida. All of them are now nearing thirty and Goro wants to go out in a blaze before turning his business over to his son Keiichi, but he first has to survive the trip and make it back home to Osaka, Japan.

Excerpt for Distraction

“Good afternoon, everyone. We are about to land at Gimpo International Airport in a few minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts and turn off all electronics. The temperature on the ground is a chilly 20.6 degrees Celsius. Once we land, remember to take all of your personal belongings with you. Thank you for flying Nippon Airways.”

Goro woke to the sound of the announcement. It felt as if he’d just dozed off.

Saburo had fastened his seatbelt and was preparing for the landing. Not long after, the plane’s wheels touched down safely and the pilot brought the plane to a halt. Everyone unfastened their seatbelts.

“Do you think the fans are waiting inside the lobby?” Saburo asked him.

“Yes, but I’ve taken care of this, so don’t worry.”

Izanagi and Hiroyuki had removed their bags from the overhead storage and were heading up the aisle to disembark. Shiro followed them.

Kioshi had awakened but was taking his time getting out of his seat.

Goro and Saburo grabbed their things and followed. Finally, Kioshi decided to join them.

“What is your problem?” Saburo asked Kioshi.

“I’m in no mood to get mobbed.”

Goro smirked. The boy did have common sense. “Security has already been alerted of our arrival. Hopefully I can get you out of the airport and into the van without you being attacked.”

“I would appreciate this. I would hate to get my hair mussed.”

Goro decided to let the comment go without giving Kioshi a speech on vanity.

The airport was bustling with people when they entered. Security guards magically appeared to escort them to the baggage claim. Of course, it really wasn’t by magic. He’d had the security in Tokyo call ahead and make arrangements for their escape.

Shiro went ahead of them with the luggage rack and to appropriate their transportation.

After getting their luggage the security led them to the back exit where Shiro had arrived with the van.

Goro stepped out of the door into the cool Korean weather. They boarded the van and Shiro drove around to the front where a sea of young women waited. Goro caught the expression on the three young men’s faces as they got a firsthand look at the crowd. All three looked very nervous. Goro was glad that he had arranged the back door exit for them. Just this once he wanted the boys to travel without being mobbed. He’d learned a lot since Yori was nearly trampled by a bunch of overzealous fans. Sometimes the safety of his group outweighed their popularity. They’d be long gone before the fans learned what happened.

Shiro had programmed the GPS for their hotel since this was also his first trip to Seoul.

“That went off easier than I expected,” Saburo said as he got comfortable in his seat.

“The boys deserved a break,” Goro said. “But don’t expect it to be this way every time we travel. The crowds are bound to get bigger and there might not be any security or secret back door escapes.”

Seoul was such a beautiful and interesting place. It was a huge megacity with a population of ten million people and located in the northwest region of South Korea near the Han River.

Kioshi didn’t seem quite as bored now. He’d removed his sunglasses and was peering out the windows along with Hiroyuki and the very animated Izanagi.

Their destination, Gangnam, was a place of heavily concentrated wealth and a high standard of living like Beverly Hills, California. The promoters had spared no expense. Goro wanted Distraction to take South Korea by storm and he hadn’t told them yet, but they had sold out the stadium where they were to perform. He wanted to see the surprised look on their faces when they discovered how popular they had become since they performed on television for Ichiro’s birthday party during the Christmas holiday.

Izanagi gasped. “Is that our hotel?”

Everyone looked at the huge building before them.

“Yes,” Shiro answered. “You rotten kids will be sleeping in style.”

Goro agreed. It was one of the best hotels in Seoul.

Shiro drove up to the front door and turned off the engine. The young men hopped out of the van. Valets appeared with carts for their luggage.

Goro and Saburo got out of the van too and joined the boys as they helped Shiro unpack the van and load the carts. Afterwards, they entered the lobby of the hotel. All three young men seemed quite impressed, gawking at the huge chandelier on the way in and the clean, shiny floors.

“Nice,” Hiroyuki said as they walked toward the reservation desk. The lobby had a lot of people milling about. Some entered one of the three elevators, while others left out the door in search of their cars.

Goro got the keys to their rooms and issued them out. “We’re all on the same floor, so try not to escape tonight. And no wild parties.”

Distraction looked at him oddly.

“Oh, yeah, wrong group.” They headed toward the elevators with the valets with the carts leading the way.

Saburo chuckled. “I suppose the comment was meant for Aomori.”

Goro nodded. “It was a natural reaction to a too familiar situation.”

“I don’t think we have anything to worry about. These guys know better than to cause any trouble.”

Goro didn’t miss the eye contact between Hiroyuki and Izanagi. Maybe they had Saburo fooled, but not him. The three may look like angels, but he knew from experience that looks could be deceiving. He planned to keep an ear open just in case they tried any funny business.

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