Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Mardi Gras - New Releases by Imari Jade

Happy Mardi Gras
Imari Jade’s
New Releases

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone in Louisiana. It’s cold and rainy and I’m not budging out of this house unless I really have to. I know I’ve fallen behind on my blog, but in defense of my neglect I have been writing. But I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed with my new releases.

From Passion and Print - http://passioninprint.com/

“Tell it To My Heart”

A forty-year old African American woman gets seduced by a younger, richer man in Seoul, KR.

Empress Galliano has her hands full when she signs on to be an interpreter for a twenty-four-year old billionaire. She knows it won’t be easy to win the trust of someone who’s never had to deal with an American before. She’s had her share of difficult men before, but five minutes in Jin Yong Lee’s company and she wants to spank him. He’s arrogant, condescending and possibly the most intelligent young man she’s come across in a long time. Will they be able to get along in the United States or will they cause an international incident?

From Sugar and Spice - http://www.sugarnspicepress.com/

“You Aren’t the Boss of Me”

Twenty-five year old Tanisha McCarthy has everything going for her. She has her dream job, a beautiful apartment, a fancy car, and more clothing than a department store, but she’s still not satisfied. For some reason she can’t seem to keep a boyfriend. After the last one left without an explanation, Tanisha began to suspect it had something to do with Daniel, her guardian angel. The seraphim had been by her side since childhood, and since most kids forgot about their guardians once they reached puberty, Tanisha wondered why she could still see and hear him. Not that she hadn’t tried to get rid of him. Daniel had been a thorn in her side for as long as she could remember. He stopped her from doing all the fun things most kids did, wouldn’t let her ride her bike without a helmet, and always made sure she fastened her seat belt when she drove. She knew this was part of his job, but when it came to her love life she just wanted him to stop interfering. If she didn’t know better she’d swear he was doing it on purpose because he was in love with her. But that was silly. Angels couldn’t fall in love, especially with their charges.

From Siren-Bookstrand - http://www.sirenpublishing.com/

When Lacey Davis’s business partner dies she fears she has to deal with Chin-Sun, the man’s wife who has never liked her and often accused her of sleeping with her husband. As a twist of fate Duck-Young leaves his half of the company to his twenty-four-year-old son, Seung Kwang, with the stipulation that he remain in South Korea. If not the entire company goes to Lacey. 
Chin-Sun, pissed for being left out, plots to get her hands on Kwang International even if it means sacrificing her relationship with Seung to get it. Twelve years ago Chin-Sun sent Seung away to boarding school in Switzerland because she was jealous of the attention Duck-Young gave to him. She also did it to separate her son from Lacey after she noticed how much Seung looked up to the older woman. Seung is all grown up now and he can care less about the business. All he wants is a romantic relationship with Lacey Davis.

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