Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

I decided to get busy on the last day of 2009. I started off by printing out the two novels I just finished penning and edited one while cleaning my bedroom. I have always been a multi-tasking type of person. Sometimes this works out real well, but sometimes I fail to complete both projects because the day ends. So far I have cleaned the bathroom, mopped under my bed, washed my clothes, packed up my old comforter and drapes and replaced them with new replacements. Right now I’m putting my shoes into one of those under-the-bed space saving shoe organizers. I’ve seen it on television hundreds of times and I finally broke down and purchased one a couple of weeks ago. Don’t believe the hype. The shoes don’t fit in as neatly as they do on television. Heck, it even surprised me that I owned twelve pairs of shoes. I’m not much of a shopper and I don’t see the need to spend a fortune on shoes that I’ll only wear maybe once. I did manage to find a pair of boots I purchased last year. It’s winter again; maybe I’ll get a chance to wear them. They don’t fit into the bag so I’ll still have one shoe box hanging out in my closet. Okay, so I zipped up the bag and pushed it under the bed. Time to go on to something else.

The doorbell rang just as soon as I typed the period. It was the lawn man coming to check out my side yard. It needs a cutting and a cleaning. The side yard has been a mess for a couple of years since some contractors just left drywall out there. Rain and time has made it too heavy for one person to move. My boyfriend recommended him. Yeah, he mentioned it about a month ago and didn’t call beforehand to let me know that the man was coming. My hair is all over my head and I’m covered in dust from cleaning. Talking about making a bad first impression. Normally I wouldn’t care about what other people think of me, but since it’s one of his friends there’s a strong possibility that the two of us will meet again at some social function. The funny thing about this entire situation is that my boyfriend and three grown sons can go out and clean the yard. The problem…they’re all too damn lazy. The man’s a nag. Nope, he won’t be starring in any of my romance novels.

So I’m back to cleaning and I’m watching this countdown on BET. I’m probably going to change the channel since I don’t recognize any of these groups or singers. Football, basketball and baseball. Nope, nope and nope. Next channel. Reality shows, soap operas and Spongebob. Nope, nope and nope. House Hunters International. Bingo. I put down the remote and go on to my next project. I’m always looking for someplace to relocate in case New Orleans gets flooded off the map. I probably won’t be leaving the country but it amazes me the type of money people spend on housing. Watching this type of show also gives me idea for places to set my story in. The next one is going to be set in Argentina.

I wished I had a bigger closet. I have so much stuff crammed inside that little room it’s suffocating. I might not have a lot of shoes but I have about a zillion canvas bags and tee-shirts. I tote a canvas bag to work everyday. It comes in handy for carrying books and tablets and magazines and pens…you know writer stuff. The disadvantage of carrying a tote bag everyday, I tend to pile other things inside of them like empty gum wrappers, tissue, receipts and anything I need to bring home with me. I have every intention of filing the receipts and throwing away all the trash, but it doesn’t happen as often as I like, and it’s probably not going to happen today. It will probably be a next month project when I have the time. Right now I need to organize my anime collection. It’s getting pretty extensive. I’m trying to find an affordable locking glass case to display them in, but I haven’t found one that I like. My main goal today is to store away the ones I’ve recently viewed. Goal, I like that word. It’s the end of the year and one of my goals is not to spend so much money on anime.

Next goal…do not have so many business cards made. Life changes and now you’re stuck with a lot of outdated stuff. I plan to attend about two writing conference in 2010. I don’t think I’ll meet enough people to pass out a thousand cards. My information has changed so I’ll just buy the minimum. Okay, one trash bag full. I have to walk into the kitchen to get another one. I stopped to warm me a bowl of chili along the way. I’ve got about an hour or so left before I have to make dinner. I’m on babysitting detail tonight. While most of my friends will be out drinking and celebrating the New Year, I’ll be trapped in a house with four kids under five. Lucky for me I don’t drink.

New goal for 2010 – Find my daughter-in-law full time 8 to 5 employment. I love my kids and my grandchildren dearly but I have a life. For the last six months I have been watching babies three or four nights a week. I barely get in from work and they’re there screaming for Spagettios or fighting over toys. Those are the longest three and a half hours of my life that I could be putting to better use like rescuing one of my heroines or sleeping. Next goal, get my grown children out of my house. It’s been nearly five years since Hurricane Katrina displaced everyone. Time for them to spread their wings again and leave the nest. This includes the youngest one who wants to move to Atlanta. Go, mama will be fine. Send me a postcard every now and then. Having all these people in my house plays havoc on my private live. No wonder my boyfriend is so naggy. He has to share me with a lot of people, including publishers and editors.

Oh, well if you haven’t figure out the subject of this blog by now it’s setting goals for 2010. Someone once told me how you end the old year is what you’ll be doing in the New Year. Hopefully I won’t be still cleaning at the stroke of midnight. My last year’s goal was to get organized. I have really met it but it’s a little better now than it was. One of my goals was to clean and organize my desk. I’ve done that a couple of times but right now it looks like a disaster zone.

Okay my back hurts. That’s just nature’s way of telling me it’s time to stop the heavy work for the day. Rome wasn’t built in a day and what good is the New Year if it finds me flat on my back with slipped disc?

Happy New Year

Imari Jade

Monday, December 28, 2009

Review - Charmed and Dangerous

Review – Charmed and Dangerous by Candace Havens

I was halfway through Ms. Haven’s third book when I realized that it was the third book in a series so I immediately went to Barnes and Noble and ordered book one, entitled Charmed and Dangerous because I just had to find out how this story began.

Bronwyn is a beautiful and sexy high witch with some amazing kick-ass powers, who uses her gifts to protect a British Prime Minister. Bronwyn doesn’t like mixing business with pleasure but handsome men are coming out of the woodworks as she travels to far away and exotic countries with her charge. Back home in Sweet, Texas she meets Doctor Sam, a warlock whom she doesn’t want to form a relationship with since she does not like warlocks, but she can’t deny the chemistry between them. She jets off to Norway with the Prime Minister and meets Sheik Azir. He’s tall and gorgeous with dark hair and deep brown eyes. He’s also rich and does not hesitate to provide Bronwyn with everything she needs once she decides to take him under her protection. There’s chemistry between the two of them too but she does not have time to worry about feelings at the moment since someone is trying to kill the Prime Minister and the Sheik. It doesn’t help matters much that someone is also trying to kill her. Bronwyn finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place fighting off warlocks and handsome men, while trying to help her ghostly relative Darby get back her true love.

Bronwyn has a host of magical friends who come to her aid, a female cat named Casper who hates her, and she can pilot a jet. What more can a girl ask for?

I found the book fun and refreshing and I love the way Ms. Havens uses comments to set the upcoming events at the beginning of each new scene. The book has a fast pace but Ms. Havens doesn't leave you hanging. It’s a page-turner that makes you want to know what happens next to Bronwyn just to see how she’s going to get herself out of it. I give this novel five Fleur-de-lis for excellence.