Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day Three - NaNoWriMo

Day Three – NaNoWriMo

Its nine o’clock at Wednesday night and I just entered my writing total into the NaNoWriMo calculator. Today’s word count is a decent 1,930, just 70 words short of my intended daily goal but it still feels good to have past the 1,667 words needed for each day.
My boss returned to work today so I couldn’t really do much writing at work. I dragged my tablet and pen with me down on break each time I dared venture out of the building, but its hard writing when there is so many people under the pavilion with me. I left my MP3 player up at my desk because it was raining and I was afraid it would get wet. Usually I could block out the people and their voices while I listen to some smooth writing music, but today all I heard was political mish-mash a day after the election. Hell, I’m so busy I’ve forgotten who and what I voted for.
Since I’ve completed writing for NaNoWriMo for the evening I still have about an hour to work on other things. At the moment I’m reading over another WIP while listening to DBSK on the stereo.
Just a short 200 word blog tonight.
Blog more tomorrow or in a couple of days.

Imari Jade

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