Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I overslept this morning. This is not the norm for me. For some reason my alarm clock did not go off. I should have known something when I got home yesterday and saw that it was already set. I did not remember if I did it or not. Probably the ghost.Fortunately I made it to work on time. Had a busy day. One person came in at the last minute and I had to do a little extra to get them out of the office. Stopped at the grocery for some apple pies and potatoes and then went home and began cooking. I washed and dried the kitchen curtains, fixed the cornbread dressing, baked macaroni and cheese, baked two sweet potato pies, one of the apple pies, order Dominos Pizza for tonight's dinner, took and shower and now I'm back working on my writing.
Great news I finished my NANOWRIMO with 51,000 words. Got a certificate and a badge to prove it. See Trent. I expect to see this on your website next year. Trent Kinsey is a writer friend of mine. I know he has been busy. His new book Who's the Blame is coming out soon. Check out his new cover. It's a damn good cover. Spooky. Maybe that's the person that reset my alarm clock. More on him later. Yes I do do blatant promotions for my friends, especially if they are good.
I'm watching Man vs Food.
I have to babysit tomorrow. I haven't figured out how I am going to do this since I have to bake a turkey, make dirty rice and gumbo, vegetables and probably bake a cake. Oh yeah, I also have to wash, mop and clean the rest of the house before my guests arrive. Notice I did not say write. For some reason my family think it is rude to write while I work or entertain them. I'll probably get up around five to write when everyone is asleep. I am working on six premises. I have these delusions that I can perform all these miracles in the next 24 hours.
My boyfriend called and said he might stop over later tonight. He has some movies he wants me to see. (No get your mind out of the gutter). I'm a vampire movie fanatic. No I have not seen New Moon yet (Go Team Jacob). Yeah I know he's the werewolf but I love those abs. In a nice way I told him to go to heck. When do I have time to watch a movie or entertain him? My feet hurt, I'm tired and I still have some networking to do before I close my eyes. Hopefully I can blog tomorrow night, but if I can't I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Been busy lately getting a manuscript ready for Nanowrimo. It's day 20 and I reached 47,000 words. Should be finished today. Everything should be complete by the deadline 11/30/2009. It was not hard work but it took a lot of dedication to stick to producing 1,700 words a day. Somedays I did a little better than that, and then there was a couple of days that I really had to dig deep to get to 1,700 words. Looking forward to December so I can start editing the manuscript. Hope it is a winner.

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