Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New IRMC Release - Boo-Thing, by Imari Jade

New Release
Imari Jade

When Lacey Davis’s business partner dies she fears she has to deal with Chin-Sun, the man’s wife who has never liked her and often accused her of sleeping with her husband. As a twist of fate Duck-Young leaves his half of the company to his twenty-four-year-old son, Seung Kwang, with the stipulation that he remain in South Korea. If not the entire company goes to Lacey.

Chin-Sun, pissed for being left out, plots to get her hands on Kwang International even if it means sacrificing her relationship with Seung to get it. Twelve years ago Chin-Sun sent Seung away to boarding school in Switzerland because she was jealous of the attention Duck-Young gave to him. She also did it to separate her son from Lacey after she noticed how much Seung looked up to the older woman. Seung is all grown up now and he can care less about the business. All he wants is a romantic relationship with Lacey Davis.


Seung followed her down the hall past some of the smaller offices to Duck-Young’s office. Lacey opened the door and entered. “We haven’t had time to clean or remove any of your father’s things yet.”
Seung walked around looking. He ran his finger along the desk and then finally walked over to a window and looked out. “This will do nicely. I remember there being ducks in the pond across the street.”
“They’re still there. Duck-Young used to say they were his brothers.”
“His scent is still here,” Seung said.
“Yes. It’s still a little hard to face the fact he won’t be sitting behind that desk again.”
Seung turned to face her. “I will try my best to work hard with you, Lacey.”
Lacey? He was twelve-years-old the last time he was in this office. He called her Noona then. “Thank you. When are you scheduled to go back to the United States?”
“I had planned to return tomorrow, but I’ve cancelled the reservation. I need to find some place to stay.”
“What about with your mother?”
Seung’s expression darkened. “That is impossible.”
Lacey chuckled. “I understand.” She walked over to the desk, opened a drawer and took out a key. She handed it to him. “It’s to Duck’s corporate apartment. It’s yours now.” Their fingers touched. Lacey felt warm all over. Seung’s fingers were soft and gentle. “Would you care to see it?”
“I have a car waiting,” Seung said, not rushing to remove his fingers which were working their way around her hand.
“I’ll have to put my shoes back on,” Lacey said. “And get my purse.”
Seung removed his fingers. “Okay. I’ll wait for you.”
Lacey slowly walked from the room. Seung continued to watch her leave. What the hell’s the matter with me? He’s a child. Her erogenous zones begged to differ. They were all tingling and twitching at the same time.
Lacey hurried to her office, changed her shoes and got her purse. She stopped by Kari’s office to let her know where she was going.
“Are you leaving so soon?” Kari asked.
“I’m taking Seung over to Duck-Young’s corporate apartment.” She tried to keep her voice normal.
“Okay,” Kari said, eyeing her suspiciously. “Make sure you bring protection.”
Lacey chuckled weakly. “Girl, don’t be foolish.” She waved and damn near ran to Duck-Young’s old office.
Seung was still taller than her after she put on her heels. “What were they feeding you in the United States? When you left here I was taller than you.”
“I eat my vegetables,” Seung said, escorting her out of the office.
A white limousine and chauffer waited at the curb for them. Lacey slid inside first and Seung followed. Lacey gave the driver the address. She sat back in the seat. “I don’t know what shape the apartment is in, but you should be comfortable.” She paused. “Shouldn’t we stop by your mother’s home to pick up your things?”
“That won’t be necessary,” Seung said. “I brought everything with me.”
“Okay,” Lacey said. She didn’t blame him. She didn’t think she could stay in a house with Chin-Sun either.
The conversation stalled between them, but she was very conscious of the young man next to her. He reminded her lot of Duck-Young when she first met him.
The driver pulled up to the high-rise apartment building where both she and Duck-Young lived. The driver got out and opened the door for them. Seung grabbed a suitcase, a suit bag and a small travel bag from behind one of the seats.
Lacey led the way into the building.
“Do you still live here too?”
“Yes,” Lacey said. How does he remember? “It’s close to work and perfect for single people.”
“You’re still single?”
Lacey nodded. “Although I have been told on several occasions that I’m married to my job.” The elevator arrived and they stepped inside. “Your apartment is on the tenth floor.”
“Where is yours?”
“Mine is on the ninth floor,” Lacey answered. Hers was right below his.
The elevator opened on the tenth floor and they stepped out. There were only two executive apartments on both floors.
“This one is yours,” Lacey told him.
Seung used the key she’d given him and opened the door.
Lacey didn’t know as she stepped through the door that her life was about to change.

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