Thursday, February 3, 2011

What to Do on a Cold Rainy Day

What to Do on a Cold Rainy Day


Imari Jade

I’m sitting here waiting to call into work. It’s not something I normally do. I debated for quite a while as I lay in bed listening to the rain fall about five this morning. It’s really cold in New Orleans today and the weather is expected to get colder and rainier with sleet.

First of all, I don’t drive. This means I have to ride the bus to work…two buses to be exact. This usually takes about two hours so I have to get up with the roosters. I don’t mind the ride, it’s the walk to the bus stop when it’s pitch black outside that’s spooky. I put my life in the Lord’s hands most mornings and hope he’ll get me to work and home safely. He hasn’t failed me yet. Yesterday evening I stood in 30 degree temperatures and the bus was twenty minutes late because of heavy traffic. I can accept this but it still pissed me off. This morning I’m reaping the rewards, my back is hurting and I’m walking around like Quasimodo. So I decided to not be stupid and try to go outside on the icy cold sidewalks where I might slip.

People who know me know that my mind is trying to talk me out of staying home. I don’t know why I feel like I have to go to work every day. It’s not like the world is going to end if I don’t go in. My mind is just programmed to just get dressed and go in. I’ve gone to work so sick I can barely walk or breathe. This year I promised myself this was not going to happen because that job will be there even if I’m dead and gone.

So how did I start the day? How else? On Yahoo. I just need to clean out my email boxes a couple of times a day. This morning a publisher confirmed that she received my manuscript, and I found two new promo opportunities. I’m also watching the news and weather. It might be cold here, but luckily we’re not buried under snow.

Next I visited Twitter and Facebook. Not much going on there. So I pulled out my scissors and coupons. It’s time to clean out all the January coupons that have expired and cut out the new ones. This is the best time to do it since the grandchildren are not here trying to help me. That is an experience a couponer does not want to go through. Usually they have coupons flying everywhere and they argue over the baby scissors.

Okay, so I made the phone call. My back is still hurting so I think it’s time to fix breakfast so I can take arthritis medicine.

Justin Bieber is supposed to be on Regis and Kelly this morning. Finally I’m going to see what the fuss is all about.

Breakfast is finally ready. I’ve taken my arthritis medicine, my allergy medicine and my high blood pressure medicine. While I was waiting for breakfast I finished up with the coupons, put last night’s wash away and tossed towels into the washer. Why are I doing this since I’m obviously in pain? Well, if the back goes out completely I won’t be able to do anything including lift my legs so it’s best to get things out of the way. I just walked back into my bedroom and there’s a kid on the news who has been volunteering at the local SPCA. He has a snake with him. Time to turn the channel. Imari does not do snakes.

The big thing I need to accomplish today is to retype a novella. The reason I have to retype it is because my son borrowed my precious red flash drive and for some reason everything on it is now missing. I thought I had most of it backed up on an external drive but I haven’t been able to find most of the stuff. Luckily I always print out a copy of everything. Speaking of which, I need to order a new external drive today. Now if I can only remember where I put the folder with the manuscript. It was in my file cabinet but I took it out the other day and I think it’s on my desk. It’s a known fact if it goes on my desk it gets lost. Found it. It was inside the desk file. Okay the boy with the snake is gone and I can resume watching the morning news. Before I begin typing this monster I’m going to check all of my flashes and drives just to make sure. No such luck. I love my son like a play step cousin but it he touches my flash drives again I might have to punish him. Wait. Good thing my brain is still functioning. I found the manuscript in my sent file. Good I don’t have to retype it.

Justin Bieber just finished on Regis and Kelly. I hope I'm spelling his name right. Hmmm, no sweaty palms, no palpating heart, no wet panties. Nope, not cougar material. He’s cute but I’ll leave him for the tweens. JYJ’s position is still number one in my heart.

Oh gawd my stomach is dying. Why do doctors prescribe stuff that make you feel worse than the original ailment? So I’m lying flat on my back typing to work on the proposal.

I snuck over to Total E-Bound. Just found out that “Something to be Thankful for” is going to be released on audio tape on Valentine’s Day and the book is going to be released on February 28, 2011. More on that in a future blog.

Just submitted new M/M novel to publisher. Boy, that was easy.

I have three things I know I have to work on for March submission …2 short stories and 1 novel. I have one of the short stories outlined (and then I deleted it because it sucked, so I started on another one), the second short story I need to think about and the novel, well, I have all the ingredients, I just need to get my butt in gear because submission date is just three weeks away.

Did I mention that one of my sons brought me a Nook for Christmas? It’s still sitting in a box. I did order a cover because my Nook is naked. It should be arriving Monday. Okay, the Nook is on my bed now and I think I need to open the box and at least charge it up. Okay, Nook is in the charger. Needs to charge for 4 hours. Number three son is up. He doesn’t look surprised to see me home. Next task.

My MP3 player is on the fritz. It just saying Initializing. It was doing this yesterday but the screen won’t clear. Might as well add a new MP3 player to the list. Found the external drive and MP3 player. Took the external drive out of my cart after reading reviews. (Remember: Just because it’s on sale or has a coupon doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Always read the reviews). Just ordered the MP3 player. I had a $25.00 store credit because they lost the television I ordered at Christmas time. (Don’t ask). I’m buying a new television tomorrow.

Got some promotions done. Now I have to see if I have a book to submit for the Stroke of Midnight Contest. Got the story but too lazy to write the synopsis. So I tossed it aside and started working on the short story. Midway in between writing I decided to watch episodes 24-26 of Ouran High School Host Club. Damn, things were just getting good and it ended. I still have part three of Vampire Knights to watch, but I wanted to watch parts one and two again since it’s been nearly two years since I saw them.

Towels have washed dried and been put up. Dinner is finished and it’s four-thirty in the evening. One of my sons and his wife stopped by and brought me some tennis shoes. I’ve been complaining and limping on a callous for several years now. I won’t go away and I’ve having the hardest time walking in shoes. So hopefully the tennis will make a difference. It’s time for me to check in on Twitter and Facebook. Jaejoong has tweeted pictures of his dog and two birds. Cute. I would like to see more pictures of him.

Came up with another premise for a historical novel. I think I’ll work on this one and forget about the call for submission novel for March. See how quickly I can change my mind. People often wonder where writers get their ideas. Mine just pop into my head. After today I figured out that I could possibly work as a fulltime writer. I don’t know if I could make enough money to pay my house note, but at least I know if I get furloughed or fired from my job I do have something to fall back on.

There’s nothing exciting on Twitter at the moment but some ass tried to hack my Facebook account. People get a life. I need to take out the garbage. It is so cold outside and I have to go to work in that tomorrow. So this is how I spent my day. Back to work tomorrow. That is, if I can stand up.

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