Sunday, February 13, 2011


Flower Lady Song



Imari Jade

I spent a splendidly wonderful day writing even though I’m suffering from a bad back ache and a wicked foot wound caused by an over-zealous young woman giving me a pedicure. Running on about three hours of sleep my eyes opened at seven and refused to close. “But its Sunday,” I protested.

“Get your lazy butt out of bed and get creative,” was their response.

So I rubbed down with Aspercreme, took two Tylenol and got dressed.

The first thing I did was turn on my computer. It struggled to life, which meant there was a problem but a few minutes later I was able to access Twitter. Micky Yoochun was chatting today, but it is Korean. Pooh. English baby. Mama needs English. Oh, well, I surfed, catching up on my J&K Pop friends and then meandered my way over to Facebook and friended a couple of folks and wished a few others Happy Birthday. Nothing exciting happening there, so I decided to do some editing on the five manuscripts I’m juggling at the moment. Then the computer froze.

After cursing it out for freezing right in the middle of something I was typing (and I hadn’t saved), I got myself out of the program and shut down the computer. It restarted slowly. The computer expert in me told me that it was a virus. Bingo, I found the little bugger once I ran the virus scan. I logged back in and had to retype what I was previously working on.

Somewhere after breakfast I decided to take out my CD player and my Pandigital Reader. Lately I’ve been overrun by electronics. My kids gave me the CD player two Christmases ago and this was the first time I took it out of the box. Normally I played my CDs in my DVD payer but lately it’s been acting up, probably because I shouldn’t be playing CDs in it. So after figuring out how to work it I slipped in my Beyonce CD and got empowered. Then I went back to work for a couple of hours.

The Pandigital E-reader was a different story. It has been in my possession a little over a week and so far it has not performed up to my expectation. Basically it’s a piece of garbage and it’s going back to Best Buy in a couple of days. It took four days to charge and it took two days for it to accept my Barnes and Noble password and login. And I still haven’t been able to download the Nook Book I ordered from Barnes and Noble earlier today. It is history if it doesn’t work tomorrow.

So right now I got DBSK blasting in the room while I’m waiting for the Grammys. It better be good this year or I might stop watching. I already know my boys JYJ won’t be there. They’re still in Korea probably freezing. They should be there accepting all the awards for their fabulous album. It would make my night to finally see them perform on television. Lately I’ve been going blind watching their performances on YouTube and other computer shows. It just doesn’t do my six-feet babies justice. Okay, I’m through salivating. I’m just waiting for the CD to end. Then it’s into the shower and I need to eat dinner before I relax for the evening. But first I need to check my email.

Someone joined me to their writers group and it’s been blowing up my mailbox all morning. I think I have then turned off of Facebook before Yahoo takes away my account, which will be bad since I’m waiting to hear from some publishers.

Just a friendly reminder, “Someone to be Thankful for” is being released tomorrow on audio book from Total Ebound.

It’s a very good story and I’m not just saying it because I wrote it.

Ooh, DBSK is singing “Flower Lady.” I just love that song. Boy I can’t wait until they stop this silly dispute and get back together again. I hope they do it before I visit Korea. This would make the trip totally worth it. Well, surviving the twenty-five hour ride will also make it totally worth it. More later.

Imari Jade

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