Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All GoodThings Must Come to an End

All Good Things Must Come to an End


Imari Jade

I wrote four whole pages yesterday while I was at lunch. Not bad for thirty minutes. But when I got home I put a big X through all the pages because what I wrote didn’t make sense, even to me. So I knew it wouldn’t make sense to my readers. It was a pivotal love scene and it didn’t slide into transition easy enough and it just got pretty stupid.

It was in the heroine’s Point of View, so I tried to rewrite it in the hero’s POV and it still didn’t read right. So I just tossed the tablet aside and went on to something else (Watching pretty Asian boy bands on Twitter). Like fine wine and cheese some things just have to age to get better.

Woke up this morning and was watching the early morning news before leaving for work. I heard a “pop” and a “sizzle” and looked to my left only to discover that my television had died. I unplugged everything to make sure no fire would start and then I went to work. The first thing I thought about as I walked to the bus stop was, how am I going to get to sleep tonight without a television?The last time this happened was about fourteen years ago and I had to plug in a sound machine so I could have noise to lull me to sleep. Tonight it will probably be my MP3 player. But let’s back this story about the television up and start from the beginning.

On December 17, 2010 I ordered a television from Florida and paid for three day shipping. By December 21, the television hadn’t arrived so I checked the tracking and it was in Texas. I checked the UPS site and it had the same thing. On December 26, 2010 I called the company where I ordered the television from and was told that the last thing they had on it was that it was in Texas on December 21, 2010 and nothing else. I was told that either it had been stolen or lost in transit. Okay I was pretty cool about it. I asked her were they going to get any more in stock. She told me, yes. So I told her to just ship me out another one when the shipment came in because I didn’t want a refund and I wanted the television at the same price. She told me, okay. Note: I ordered it from Florida and the last place it went was to Texas. I live in Louisiana and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that UPS never stopped in Louisiana with it.

I couple of days later I got an email that they had done an investigation and that I would hear from them soon. I did hear from then. They returned my money. I checked the site and the television was back in stock but now it cost $300.00 more and the shipping was more expensive. Apparently they thought I wanted that television bad enough to pay that price for it. They were so wrong. What happened to good old customer service? I think it has come to an end. They did give me a $25 gift certificate which I plan to use before the 90 days expires.

My grandson spent a night with us on Monday night so he came into my room and I turned the Cartoon Network on for him to watch Family Guy before he went to bed. He asked me, “Maw Maw, what is wrong with your television?” The people were all red and splotchy. I told him, “Maw Maw needs a new television.” He politely told me that he was going back in the den to watch television with his father. “You’re not hurting my feelings, little boy,” I told him. “I got to get up at five in the morning, anyway.” Apparently television is more important to him that I am.

So now I’m back to square one…an unfinished story and no television. Of course I can cry like a big baby and ask why everything happens to me. But I was never one to sit around and wallow in sorrow. My objective is to rethink the scene of the story. I think I’m having problems with it because my mind is trying to come up with a creative way to describe the sex scene and make it interesting. I thought about just ignoring this scene all together. The story is about voyeurism and I just had a scene where the couple was watching another couple get busy and this turned them on so naturally they had to get busy. How do you follow one great sex scene up with another one? Is it possible?

I was outside talking it over with an editor friend of mine and he was laughing at my crazy behind as usual. I’m telling him I have the characters in the bedroom and it’s so boring. He told me that making these characters have sex in the bedroom is so normal, and he knows I don’t do normal. So now I have to find some far out place to have them make love and to do this I have to back them out of the bedroom and get them to this other place. Now that I don’t have a television I probably have time to concentrate on it and get it right. I’m going back to the tablet. Chat with you later.

Imari Jade

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