Monday, October 12, 2009

Setting the Mood

Setting the Mood for Romance

The lights are dimmed, the kids are napping, and it’s raining outside. What a perfect way to set the mood for writing.

So how do you set the mood for romance in your story? It all has to do with the five senses. Use them when you’re about to develop a love scene. As a romance writer we have to come up with different and unique places for romance to take place. Tried and true, the bedroom, the shower and in an airplane restroom has been done to death. Usually before the story is even told I try to come up with the when and where I want to sex to begin. Things to take into consideration:

The characters – what makes them unique? She’s a librarian and he likes to read. Love among the shelves in a place where silence is golden. Make it romantic and try to keep them quiet.
Character’s job – Is he a manager of a high-rise apartment building? Rooftop love? Don’t knock it until you tired it. Is she an actress or a ballerina? Why not be adventurous and steal a kiss behind the curtain.
Character’s hobbies – Is he into martial arts – On the floor of the dojo might be a perfect spot for a rendezvous. Does she like to sail? On the deck of a charter boat on the crystal clear ocean can set the mood for some interesting fun.
Think about your own experiences. Have you ever found yourself in a unique situation that you never dreamed you’d find yourself in a million years? Like in the backseat of a car or on a Ferris wheel with the man or woman you adore?

In Oasis, my characters are riding on a camel in the desert in Africa. One thing leads to another and the desert floor becomes the perfect make out spot.

The possibilities are endless. The bed is nice, but less face it, beds are for sleeping.

I also like to use sound to set the mood. The sound of rain makes me feel relaxed, so I try to put my characters in a relaxed state of mind when they’re dealing with each other. And depends on who I’m with, rain makes me very amorous. (Wink, wink, get the picture?)

Music – There’s not a better prop to use than music – Put in a CD or turn on the radio. Let the type of music you’re listening to set the mood of the story. If I’m listening to the Beatles while I’m writing, I’m in a lively mood and it reflects in the words I chose. If I’m listening to Michael Jackson, I’m in a youthful mood and my words tend to get a little giddy and joyous. If I’m listening to Tina Turner, I’m feeling empowered and my female characters are bound to be a little over the top. And when I’m listening to Barry White, it’s no hold’s bar. Clothes are flying off all over the place and my characters are getting down and dirty.

In this case music does not soothe the savage beast. It brings it to the surface.

Food – Oh my gosh. Food can really set the mood. Whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate syrup. (Yummy). Fried oysters and champagne (ooh), macaroni and cheese (?) Hey, young mothers need love too.

What goes through your head when you kiss someone who just drinks your favorite wine? Do you find icing on a spoon sexy when you see her eating it? Does a beer gut turn you on? Have you ever watched your best girl eat a banana split? The possibilities are endless.

Touch and Props – The single sexiest feeling in the world is having someone touch you. What do you like? Having your head, feet or back massaged. Getting your hair combed or styled by the opposite sex. What do you do with someone gently runs a feather up your spine or kiss your fingers or the back of your legs. It can be as simple as the heroine reaching up to remove his glass and innocently touches his eyebrow.

Like I said earlier, the possibilities are endless. So when you hit that roadblock, just think about what turns your own. Remember your characters are an extension of you. If you like it, I’m sure they will too.

Imari Jade

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