Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Release - Must Love Cats

Just in Time for Halloween

Must Love Cats

A Girl’s Best Friend, Imari Jade
Sportscaster Vince Carson found Veterinarian Aubrey Whelan beautiful, but could he build a relationship with a woman whose cat hated him and he was allergic to it?

Strange Critters, Mae Powers
Kara wasn’t quite prepared for what her spaced-out feline brought into her life; a strangely attractive alien who’d been inhabiting her cat’s body silently for years.

Purr, Ruth J. Hartman
Max’s son must work at Roxy’s cat shelter to complete his community service. Can they help Derek overcome his fear of cats and explore their growing feelings for each other?

The Cat in the (Wizard’s) Hat, Carla Cripps
As wizards go, Ash is the cat’s whiskers? Handsome, independently wealthy, he’s only got one challenge: convincing lovely Merriwen he’s the love of her life.

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