Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Promoting Your Work

I spent all day yesterday on-line promoting my recent 3 book releases at the Yahoo groups I’m affiliated with, on my blogs, and MySpace pages. Monday is a big promotion day at these places. It was 3pm when I finally finished. Today I promoted at the sites that allow promotions only on Tuesday and posted a few excerpts.

While I’m writing this I have my MySpace page open. I’m joining new friends and reading bulletins. (Too bad the Internet just went down.) That’s why I try to do two things at one time in case something like this happens.

The big question today, is this type of promoting necessary?

Of course it is. Not only is it a great way to generate sales but it’s also a great way to find out what other books are available for me to purchase.

Let’s face it, if you don’t promote no one is going to know that you’ve written a book. The best incentive…most of the time it’s free.


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