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Mischievous Kiss/Perfect Kiss - Review

Perfect Kiss/Mischievous Kiss (Review)
Overview - Clumsy high school senior Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) decides to tell her perfect four year crush Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joon of SS5501 Kpop Group) how she really feels about him so she writes him a letter and gives it to him at the end of the school year. Baek Seung Jo is handsome and a genius but very rude. He corrects the miss-spelled words in Ha Ni’s letter and then returns it to her and tells her that he could never date a dumb girl.
And as things can’t get any worse an earthquake occurs and the home Ha Ni shared with her widowed father Oh Ki Dong (Kang Nam Gil) is destroyed. Ki Dong’s boyhood friend Baek Soo Chang (Oh Kyung Soo) and his wife Hwang Geum Hee (Jun Hye Young) invites Ha Ni and Ki Dong to move in with them. To Ha Ni’s surprise and dismay it is also the home of Baek Seung Jo and his younger brother, Baek Eun Jo (Choi Won Hong). Can Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo possibly co-exist beneath the same roof without getting on each other’s nerves?
Review – Funny, funny, funny tale of a young woman who knows what she wants and won’t let anything stop her from getting it. Ha Ni is a beautiful young woman but she can’t seem to find anything she’s good at. She can’t cook, she’s clumsy and she can’t keep a secret to save her soul. But though everyone, including Baek Seung Jo’s younger brother Eun Jo thinks Ha Ni isn’t capable of doing anything correct, she does do one thing well, sister can stalk.
Baek Seung Jo’s world is turned upside down when Ha Ni moves in. She follows him around, pries into his business and never fails to get him or herself in trouble with her persistent hounding of him. They even get into an argument on graduation night which turns out to be a great night for Ha Ni since Baek Seung Jo rewards her with her first kiss after they have an argument. The kiss is a bit awkward, but traditionally about normal for most South Korean dramas with young people I’ve watched. Cute, but still not perfect. This sets the scene, and has viewers waiting with anticipation for that perfect one.
Baek Seung Jo’s mother wants Baek Seung and Ha Ni together, and she does everything in her power to see that she gets what she wants even if it means playing the matchmaker. This is the type of mother-in-law dreams are made by. Even though she was blessed with two genius male children, she still pines for a daughter and instantly takes a liking to Ha Ni. She is the complete opposite of the mother-in-law in the Baking King, Kim Tak Gu. She is meddlesome but for a good reason. The only thing I can’t figure out is why she did not try to teach Ha Ni how to cook. On the flip side Ha Ni’s father was also a chef and owned a restaurant and Ha Ni barely could boil water.
Baek Seung Jo’s grades are so good that he can get into any college that he chooses. Unfortunately, Ha Ni’s grades are not and she must face the fact that she might never get into a real college. But with a help of a teacher and a typhoon Ha Ni wins a spot in a community college. Everyone is so proud of her. Meanwhile Baek Seung Jo has not decided if he wants to go to college. He is tired of everyone trying to tell him what to do and even rebels. Throughout all of this he berates and insults Ha Ni for the least little thing. He continues this type of behavior toward her throughout the entire drama and makes me wonder why she puts up with it. If it were me I would have forgot about him after he insulted me in high school. But our heroine doesn’t let what he tells her affect her long and before we know it she is stalking him again. Later Baek Seung Jo decides to go to the same college as Ha Ni and things between them gets interesting.
Of course there are romantic rivals. Bong Joon Gu (Lee Tae Sung) is a street tough want to be cook who has always been in love with Ha Ni. He appeared as a pest in the beginning of the story but midway through he had won over my heart and for a time I wanted Ha Ni to forget about Baek Seung Jo and date him. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Ha Ni. Ladies, if you find a man like that, accept him. He’s a lot less trouble and you have to expend a lot less energy on him.
There was also this perfect girl, Yoon Hae Ra (Lee Si Young) who was just perfect for Baek Seung Jo because they shared the same ideals, personality and meanness toward Ha Ni. Well she wasn’t exactly perfect. She wore dresses or skirts throughout the drama and she had very thin legs. But she did pull off the perfect bitchy other girl that we love to hate.
I loved this romantic drama and hated to see it end. Like others I keep hoping for a second season. The chemistry between the two lead actors is fantastic. Of course this was the perfect opportunity for me to ogle the very handsome Kim Hyung Joon who also stars in Boys Before Flowers. Definitely a five fleur de les recommendation for viewing.

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