Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Mirotic Day


Imari’s going to deviate from the norm today and blog about her obsession. About six months ago I was on YouTube doing research for my novel “Cherish,” when I heard this song featured on a music video entitled “Oasis,” by a young Korean b-band named B2ST. They were cute, the song was nice and it got me thinking that maybe I found something new to write about. So I continued watching videos and movies featuring Korean performers and then I ran across one entitled Mirotic. So I clicked and my life changed. No crap, it hit me like an epiphany.
I grew up loving the Jackson Five and so naturally I knew I had a thing for boy bands. Imari’s life was getting a little stale…go to work, come home, go to bed, and then go back to work. Music has always been an important factor in my life, I wanted to be a dancer when I was young and my mother always had a great selection of music to entertain us. Six years of practicing, but even though I’m a writer, I have not lost my love for dancing and singing. Then along came DISCO (Crappy) and then Rap and all the good boy bands were gone. My faith in music returned with the discovery of Dong Bong Shin Ki (DBSK) and Miortic.
So what is MIROTIC? Mirotic is a song and video introduced on September 26, 2008 by an up and coming Korean Pop (KPOP) band DBSK. Miortic quickly took Asia by storm with its upbeat sound and dance club salability. DBSK transformed from teen-agers into young men, baring their chests, shaking their hips and showing the world that they were a musical forced to be reckoned with.
Critics and censors actually tried to ban the video for its strong erotic and suggestive syntax but viewers could not be denied the sensuality of U-know, Hero, Max, Micky and Xiah. They were here and in our faces letting us know that there is nothing wrong with the human body and the censors be damned as they crooned the sentence, “I got you under my skin.” Through this song young girls blossomed into young womanhood.
So what were my thoughts on the subject the first time I saw the video? Truthfully I couldn’t pull my eyes away from Hero’s six pack abs. The dancer in me stared captivated at the amazing choreography, and how the young men moved around the floor from one spot to another to get to the middle/front just in time to sing their lead part without missing a step.
Most of the song is in Japanese (or Korean, depending on what video you watch) with a few choice English words thrown in. It’s a story about the members being caught and imprisoned by a witch. I thought the premise was a bit juvenile at first, but then after a few viewings I realized, ooh baby, this is so hot. She chains Hero to a wall, pushes Max into a watery grave, traps Micky in a glass box, hooks U-Know with colorful ties and put Xiah in some type of electronic barrier. Your body will definitely react when you see Hero’s taunt young muscular bulge against the ropes as he struggles to free himself, and Max’s exit from the watery grave will steal your breath away.
Okay, it took me a little while to realize it wasn’t all about the words or the abs or the bondage thing. I thought; let me check it out from a dancer’s prospective. Usually there’s one or two real singers in a boy band and the rest are just pretty eye-candy that can dance fairly well. That is not the case with this group, they are all performers whether it is dancing or singing.
U-Know, the leader of the group, not only have a sweet voice, but the young man has some mad dance skills. I especially like the part when he exposes his chest and dances backwards on his toes without bumping into the other dancers.
Hero, the eldest member of the group and lead singer wows with his porcelain skin, exotic voice, exposed chest and abs and tiny little waist (okay, I got to take a break, I’m drooling). His eyes demand that you watch him as he seduces the camera.
Max, the baby of the group and the tallest of the six feet crooners, hit those glass shattering high notes, and bears a charismatic, cocky, snarly grin as he commands center stage to shake his booty football style.
Xiah – What can I say? The voice and face of an angel, and hips relegated straight out of hell. My word, those hips are lethal as he bumps and grinds and sends my blood pressure up a degree or two. His unique voice is recognized all around the world but it’s those hips and flawless dancing skills that captured my attention.
Last, but certainly not least, Micky, bound by the evil witch in a glass box until he forcefully breaks out sending glass shred everywhere and piecing my heart. This deep voice charmer only flashes a bit of skin in the video but ladies check out the hair (Imari did – Be still my heart). It bounces sexily over his forehead and covers one eye, moving like a wave of black silk. (Yeah, I’m hooked on this one). I never knew hair could be an aphrodisiac and he can dance and sing too.
Okay, back to the song. I think I’ve done enough drooling for the moment. If you think I’ve exaggerated just check out the video at YouTube.

Happy Mirotic Day Fellow Cassies


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