Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Movie Review - No Regret

Movie Review – No Regret

Set in Seoule, South Korea, directed by Leeson Hee-Il) and centered around Sumin (Lee Yeong Hoon) who left an orphanage at the age of eighteen and gets several part time jobs while trying to attend school. While working a job at a company who picks up drunk drivers Sumin meets Jaemin (Kim Nam-Gil), a successful businessman who is interested in him from the very beginning. Sumin avoids Jaemin’s advances.

Sumin is laid off from his job at the factory and quits a job washing dishes. He turns to an old friend who owns a host club and Sumin begins working as a male prostitute. Jae-Min shows up at the club and wants to pay for Sumin’s services. Sumin refuses to entertain him but his boss insists so Sumin hesitantly makes love to Jaemin but will not let him do his bottom. After the sex is over Sumin threatens to kill Jaemin if he ever returns.

But Jaemin does not give up and finally wins Sumin over. Sumin stops being a prostitute to be with Jaemin and everything is going along fine until Jaemin’s mother finds out about the relationship and demands that he marry the young woman he is engage to. Jaemin refuses but his mother tells him that he will make the affair public if he does not. His father sides with his mother and Jaemin is so angry that he punches a hole in a glass window and hurts his hand.

Sumin finds out about the woman around that time and confronts Jaemin who doesn’t deny that he is engaged to be married and actually snubs Sumin when he visits him at his job. Sumin is distraught because he loves Jaemin and now he is out of a job and does not have a benefactor to take care of him. So he returns to the life of prostitution and plots along with another male prostitute to rob and kill Jaemin.

Review – Touching, heart-warming and definitely worth another viewing. Both Lee Yeong Hoon and Kim Nam-Gil gave amazing performances in this dramatic love-story. I really loved this film and there was plenty of sexy M/M action to keep me entertained. It is truly a ground-breaking movie with one hell of an ending.

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