Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cougar Growls Blog Tour - Final Day - Ashley Ladd

How To Be A Cougar

Are you tired of men your age and older who have let themselves go? Who complain about their aches and pains? Who expect to be coddled? Who are married to the TV?
Meanwhile, there’s a wealth of beautiful younger men in your orbit who are so buff they make your panties wet? They work out at the gym. They participate in fun activities. They’re on the go, living life…just like you are.
Obviously the younger, active men are much better mates than the couch potato.
1) Be confident. Confidence is the sexiest attribute a person can have. It’s the number one reason younger men like to date older women.
2) Be independent. This is the number two reason younger men like to date older women.
3) Don’t be a drama queen.
4) Be a gorgeous, sophisticated animal. Stay in shape. Go to the gym. Walk an hour a night. Eat well. Take good care of yourself.
5) Put yourself together. Men look at the total package. Wear makeup. Style your hair nicely. Dress nicely. They’re much more likely to look at the sum, not single out your beautiful eyes or nice smile if the rest is frumpy or trashy.
6) Be sexually savvy.
7) Be energetic.
8) Pounce. Be sleek, strong, sexy, and in control. Flirt. Give the younger man confidence to be with you.
9) Don’t give the younger man your daughter’s phone number. Give him yours!
10) Talk a good game. Keep the conversation happy, light, and positive. Many younger men like older women because they aren’t vapid like their younger counterparts. Older women have maturity, grace, and experience. They like themselves. They can hold an interesting conversation.
11) Be fun. If you don’t enjoy being around a couch potato, neither will your younger man. Go line dancing. Play tennis. Ride bicycles. Be active in clubs and community events. Go to the beach.
12) Have no shame. Don’t listen to naysayers. It’s survival of the fittest.

· In a recent survey by the AARP, 34% of older women are dating younger men. This is women age 40 and older dating younger men, usually at least 10 years younger. Also, a recent survey by Cosmo found that 30% of men are willing to date older women.

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