Monday, May 7, 2012

Upcoming Release - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Coming May 14, 2012
Eternal Press
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Imari Jade

Life on earth for twenty-four year old Isabella Denning pretty much sucks. There’s a bounty on her head, demons are trying to kill her every chance they get, ghosts visit her with their problems, and a six-hundred year old master vampire named Alesandro Roma has been trying to get her in his bed since the first time they met. Isabella is the only person in the world looking forward to the prophesied Mayan ending of the world. Who knows? Maybe in her next life she’ll come back as just a normal girl.
Roman born Alesandro Roma has money, power and owns the largest land-based casino in New Orleans. Women and men throw themselves at his feet just to spend one night with him. With all this, why isn’t he satisfied? And why is it that the only woman he loves doesn’t love him and threatens daily to put a stake in his heart? How can he have a future with the lusty dhampire Isabella when she’s going out of her way to put her life in danger?
You are cordially invited to meet and chat with Imari Jade on Monday, May 7, 2012.
Time:  6:00pm CST (Mark your calendars)

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