Friday, November 20, 2009

New Release - Love Afar

New Release
Love Afar
On Sale Now
Publisher: Midnight Showcase Fiction
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Love Afar
Love often takes place in unusual and far away times and places – like in the present on a deserted island, or in the future on another plant, or even in the distant past.

Wet, Imari Jade
Seasick from the moment the ship leaves dock, Javonda Turlington faints at the feet of Will Simpson, a man who once tried to drown her.

Tasty Temptations, Mae Powers
Earthwoman Thela, meets two special men Jarik and Adaren. Both find her earthly beauty appealing to their alien male passions. All discover, out-of-this-world surprises.

The Warrior of Estfor, Ellen Margret
Lios, the bravest warrior for Estfor, is assigned to rescue, Princess Rettil. The task would have been simpler without the vexing presence of Princess Isol

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